At Reliable Plumbing, we focus on delivering exceptional customer service, and we let our track record speak for itself …

The owners of Reliable Plumbing Services see things very simply:

To build and nurture long term relationships with a small number of select clients by delivering a tailored, innovative and reliable service that always goes the extra mile.

Our people are well-trained, responsive and highly professional, and everyone from our most junior member of staff to our most experienced technician plays their part in making it happen.

We leave nothing to chance – from the time spent understanding each customer’s business to the careful allocation of the best-qualified technician to every job, every step we take raises the bar that little bit higher.

Here are just a few of the things we do to keep raising it even further:

  • We are honest, behave ethically and act with integrity
  • We deliver cost-effective, sustainable products and services
  • We provide first-class workmanship at competitive rates
  • We build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust
  • We guarantee a rapid response to emergencies at any time of day or night
  • We maintain high standards of quality control and audit our performance regularly
  • We adopt a courteous, professional approach, whatever the situation

If you want further reassurance, read any of the testimonials on this website, or call Reliable Plumbing Services on 1300 78 20 40 – you won’t be disappointed.