Commercial Maintenance

Reliable Plumbing is an award-winning, specialised hydraulic asset & infrastructure maintenance plumbing firm.

We have refined our business over the years to specifically service the tertiary sector. Tertiary organisations aim for excellence in their student experience and research outcomes. In a small part, we aim to assist them through the services we provide. We leverage our knowledge of the tertiary sector, the ability of our team and our in-house systems. Combining this we can deliver a preventative, reactive and a proactive plumbing solution to universities and TAFEs. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our tertiary clients to help them deliver on their objectives.

Many tertiary organisations are interested in more than just a plumber who fixes issues. Reliable Plumbing’s approach goes well beyond the transactional nature of providing a specified service for a given price. We focus on the total cost of ownership of your hydraulic assets and work on efficiency improvements to drive this overall cost down. Our familiarity with the tertiary-education environment has allowed us to provide value for money by reducing reactive maintenance costs. Over the long run, we are able to, maintain and enhance the value of our client’s property portfolio.

We begin each new tertiary contract by understanding reactive, preventive and proactive maintenance services required. We take full advantage of our in house Asset Management System ensuring the breakdown and service history of every hydraulic asset is maintained and updated at the end of each service. The historical data collected enable Reliable Plumbing to form a tailor-made maintenance program designed to align with the whole of life Strategic Asset Management Plan for our clients.

Reactive Maintenance

Plumbing is an essential service. It’s mostly out of sight and you don’t think about it but when a plumbing issue arises, you need professional help. When a burst pipe floods your library or there is a roof leak in one of your laboratories Reliable Plumbing have the specialist skills and knowledge to fix the issue quickly.

Our clients know they can rely on us to respond promptly, we have a highly skilled team who understand both plumbing and the tertiary sector. We get the right mix between ensuring we allocate someone with experience at your site versus someone with experience on the particular plumbing issue. This helps us to adapt our service and be able to spot the areas where problems are likely to arise.
Reactive plumbing issues come in many forms, we not only cover all general plumbing challenges, but our specialised plumbing knowhow includes the following:

  • Civil Plumbing, Water, Fire & Gas
  • CCTV, water jetting and vacuum loading
  • Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)
  • Medical & Laboratory gas systems
  • Pipe location and leak detection
  • Stormwater harvesting and reuse
  • Heating Hot Water & Hydronic Heating
  • Grease and oil interceptors and acid neutralizing tanks
  • Compressed air & vacuum systems
  • Physical-containment laboratory systems (PC2, PC3 & PC4)
  • Emergency safety shower & eyewash equipment annual testing & servicing
  • Sewer ejectors, pumps and sewer pits
  • Reverse-osmosis water purification systems
  • Confined Space Entry & Traffic Management
  • Plumbing condition reports, audits and surveys
  • Heritage roofing

Preventive Maintenance

Reliable Plumbing’s preventative philosophy ensures our clients’ hydraulic assets are managed in the most effective way possible. We use a strategic preventive maintenance approach to make sure our maintenance schedules create maximum use of each asset at the lowest cost. This eliminates student’s frustration with bottle necks in the toilet blocks or them having to walk to the third floor instead of the first floor for hot water.  Leveraging our cloud-based asset management system, we maintain a comprehensive database of client’s assets and apply critical infrastructure models to determine the best mix of preventative actions versus reactive issues. We provide monthly reporting of our preventative maintenance actions and work-order activities ensuring that the work is completed on time.

Some of our preventive maintenance services include:

  • Backflow Prevention Device Testing
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing
  • Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash Equipment Testing
  • Roof, Gutter & Downpipe inspection & cleaning.
  • Stormwater Pit, Grate and Drain Cleaning
  • Sewerage & Stormwater Pumps & Ejectors
  • Trade Waste Management
  • Neutraliser Pits & Settling Tanks Servicing & Cleaning
  • Hot Water Unit Servicing
  • Gas Appliance Servicing
  • Carbon Monoxide Spillage Testing
  • Water Filter Service & Replacement
  • Preventive Maintenance Drain Cleaning

Proactive Maintenance

Reliable Plumbing has a passion for being proactive and we embark upon this by firstly capturing data. We see plumbing maintenance as an opportunity to add value, and the long-term client relationships we develop allows us to do this over the entire contract period. By collecting and using this data, we have achieved such outcomes as a 23% decrease ($334,000) in reactive maintenance costs for the top ten plumbing fault categories at one major Melbourne based University. We have also achieved an annual saving of more than $68,000 for another major tertiary client by adaptive roof cleaning schedules.

This long-term data-driven approach has yielded significant cost savings for our tertiary & TAFE clients in a variety of areas.

To support our focus on proactive maintenance, we have invested significant time and resources into the development and customisation of our online integrated job management system.