Commercial Irrigation

Irrigation is critical in retaining the gardens and lawns that aid the learning environment at universities and TAFEs.

Professionally designed and installed irrigation systems are essential for sustainable gardens. Increasing water efficiency is key, and Reliable Plumbing uses the latest irrigation technology to preserve this precious resource.

We have years of experience working with and servicing local government, universities and research facilities.

Combine this experience with today’s environmentally friendly technology and we can install and maintain the type of irrigation systems that suit our client’s needs.

These include ‘Smart’ rain sensors and weather monitoring systems, drip lines and subsurface systems, grey-water recovery systems, water-management systems for commercial users, water metering and all associated pipework, pumps and controls.

It’s equally important to prevent hazards such as spillages, backflow or back siphonage, cross contamination of soils and damage to vegetation. We install and maintain backflow prevention devices, as per AS 3500.1, that protects your water supply from potential contamination or pollution from your irrigation system.

Our irrigation services include the following and more:

  • In-house design, installation and maintenance
  • Water-management systems
  • Scheduled maintenance and annual testing
  • Grey-water recovery
  • Automatic rain shut-off systems
  • ‘Smart’ sensors and WiFi enabled controllers
  • Decoder systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Root-zone watering systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Automatic spray systems
  • Water usage efficiency audit