University of Melbourne

Whichever survey you read, the University of Melbourne ranks #1 in Australia, and we’re proud to have been working with the facilities team at Parkville for more than 34 years. In addition to a wide-ranging scheduled maintenance programme, we look after equipment in PC2- and PC3-rated hazardous areas. Throw in the demands of a large-scale rainwater-harvesting operation and a major irrigation system for the university’s extensive landscaping and you can see why we’re busy all year round.

Victorian College of the Arts

For the past seven years, we’ve provided site-wide plumbing services for the Victorian College of the Arts, a faculty of the University of Melbourne. We look after a wide-ranging base of general plumbing equipment, covering everything from commercial kitchens to student washrooms. We also undertake regular improvement projects, specifying and installing new appliances to keep the faculty’s plumbing systems up to date.

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health – the largest brain research group in the Southern Hemisphere – houses more than 500 research and support staff on two campuses. They’ve kept us busy for 23 years looking after a seriously complex range of equipment, including an MRI scanner for which we installed the services a few years back. The institute also has PC2-rated quarantine labs and a host of hydraulic systems for us to maintain.

Ormond College

Ormond College is the largest residential college of the University of Melbourne, and its facilities reflect the number of people who live there. Aside from a broad programme of planned maintenance that has grown during every one of the 27 years we’ve worked there, we look after an extensive modern fire-protection system that spans a number of residential buildings. We also keep an eye on the large rainwater collection tanks and associated reticulation.

University College

University College is a residential college of The University of Melbourne, offering full accommodation to students and academics alike. They also host out-of-term conferences, keeping us busy all year round. As you’d expect, a lot of our work here revolves around maintaining and servicing bathrooms, kitchens, hot-water systems and general plumbing and drainage. We also look after extensive irrigation systems throughout the surrounding landscaped areas and associated rainwater-collection tanks and reticulation.

Melbourne Theatre Company

The Melbourne Theatre Company is one of the largest theatre companies in the English-speaking world, with facilities to match. We’ve been working with these guys for the past 12 months, looking after a facility that houses restaurants, bars, kitchens, bars and dressing rooms galore. We provide scheduled and reactive maintenance for a long list of commercial appliances and general plumbing facilities – as you can imagine, if there’s a problem that affects the Theatre’s ability to open its doors, it needs fixing fast.

St Hilda’s College

In 1973, St Hilda’s was the first college of the University of Melbourne to become co-educational, and we’ve been providing planned maintenance and general plumbing services for quite a few years since then. St Hilda’s embraces green initiatives, and we recently designed and installed a large-scale solar hot-water system; together with other environmentally friendly projects including site-wide grey-water recycling and rainwater collection together with associated tanks, hubs and reticulation.

The Abbotsford Convent

There isn’t anywhere else in Victoria quite like the Abbotsford Convent site. Established in the 1860s, many of the buildings are of historic importance and we work closely with Heritage Victoria when planning any maintenance work. We also look after all the domestic appliances and plumbing fittings housed within some of the most ornately decorated buildings in the state. Elements of the original formal gardens are still evident today and we also undertake minor irrigation projects in Abbotsford’s extensive grounds.

University of Melbourne Student Union

The Student Union at Melbourne boasts the facilities of a small shopping complex, with food halls, bars, shops, theatres, libraries, offices, meeting rooms and a computing centre. You’d have to try hard to find a more diverse collection of plumbing equipment and appliances on a single site. We maintain all of it, with both scheduled- and reactive-maintenance programmes in place. From time to time, we also design, manage and install small projects.

Centre for Theology and Ministry

We’ve been working with the CTM for more than 10 years, and it presents some unique challenges. Parts of the faculty date from the 1880s and adjoin a modern two-storey administration and education block; work on the older buildings is subject to approval from Heritage Victoria, as we discovered when working on a replacement roofing and guttering project a few years back. When we’re not grappling with 19th-century drainpipes, we also maintain and service a range of modern appliances and equipment.