Specialised Services

For specialised plumbing services, call Reliable Plumbing – we’re Melbourne’s specialist commercial-plumbing company.

Some of our service calls involve a bit more than simply unblocking toilets or clearing drains – commercial customers come in many shapes and sizes, often with specialised plumbing requirements. Universities and research labs, some of our busiest clients, have particularly challenging occupational safety requirements.

Our service technicians are qualified to carry out annual testing and certification for control devices used throughout the Australian water industry. According to Australian Standard AS3500:1, drinking water systems must have backflow prevention devices that protect the potable water supply from contamination, and annual testing is mandatory. Reliable Plumbing has accreditation for backflow device testing and certifies hundreds of devices every year.

Many other aspects of plumbing and drainage must be tested and certified according to AS3500 – either annually or at the time of commissioning – including drainage grease traps, thermostatic mixing valves and other anti-scald devices. We can design, install, test and certify any or all of these.

We can also help if you’re losing water from your system.

We use sophisticated acoustic leak detectors and high-frequency pipe locators to map your underground water reticulation and pin-point any leaks. Compare the Reliable Plumbing approach with the cost and inconvenience of excavating extensive pipework runs on a trial-and-error basis!

Here are some of the specialised commercial plumbing services we offer:

  • Installation, testing and certification of backflow prevention devices and thermostatic mixing valves
  • Pipe location and leak detection
  • CCTV pipe surveys and inspections
  • Design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Electrofusion pipe welding
  • Trade wastewater management
  • Stormwater harvesting and reuse
  • Grease and oil interceptors and acid neutralizing tanks
  • Medical gas and compressed air systems
  • Physical-containment laboratory systems (PC2 and PC3)
  • Emergency safety shower & eyewash equipment annual testing & servicing
  • Sewer ejectors, pumps and sewer pits
  • Reverse-osmosis water purification systems
  • Plumbing condition reports, audits and surveys
  • Fire protection services
  • Heritage roofing

If you need any of these specialised commercial plumbing services, or if you just need information or advice, call us today on 1300 78 20 40 – Reliable Plumbing is a specialist plumber for specialised applications.