Policy Statements & Insurance

Business policies with a single objective – setting the highest standards for commercial plumbing.

We do a top-quality professional job for every customer – every time. We’re always looking for ways to raise the bar for commercial plumbing services and like any professionally managed business, we have written policies and procedures that help us do just that. You’ll find them here if you want to take a look. But that’s not the point – our commitment to you, our customer, goes well beyond the written word. Here’s how we go the extra mile for you.


Commercial plumbing is never risk-free, so each member of our team understands the importance of workplace safety and is committed to avoiding any unnecessary risk. We provide regular specialist training for our people to prepare them for the unfamiliar hazards they may face in commercial premises – making everybody’s safety our first priority. Read more about our Health and Safety Policy (PDF).


Our policies and working practices are designed to minimise the risk of potential hazards to the environment. As accredited Green Plumbers®, we play a vital role in improving the sustainability of our water resources, installing environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions that don’t break your budget. We explain our Environmental Policy (PDF) if you want to learn more.

Customer Service

Our customer service policy is simple and directly aligned with our mission: Be the best at everything we do. We are obsessed with delivering exceptional customer service on every job, from start to finish. From the time you first contact us to the moment our service technician leaves your premises – and beyond – we want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of our work. If you’re not, pick up the phone and tell us so we can do something about it.


At Reliable Plumbing, it’s clear to us that exceptional customer service is built around superb quality in everything we do. We take the best people and give them the best training, the best equipment and the best products. We expect first-class workmanship and we deliver the highest possible standards of work. There’s no room for compromise, and, if you need convincing, just read our Quality Assurance Policy (PDF).


Despite our best efforts, things occasionally go wrong – although it’s a very rare occurrence. We believe you should have complete peace of mind in these circumstances, and we maintain comprehensive Public Liability Insurance that covers our liability for any property damage or personal injury arising from our work. Click here to view our Certificate of Currency (PDF).

We are equally concerned for the welfare of our people, and as required by WorkSafe Victoria, we also maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This provides cover for the costs of benefits if any of our employees and contractors are injured or become ill because of their work. Click here to view our Certificate of Currency (PDF).

Put your trust in a forward-looking commercial plumbing company that believes in being the best – call Reliable Plumbing today on 1300 78 20 40 and find out how we can support your business, safely and sustainably.