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Reliable Plumbing Services – first-choice commercial plumbers for Melbourne’s tertiary education sector. Innovative, tailored commercial plumbing backed by gold-class service. We’re more than just your average Melbourne plumbers…

Expect great customer service, top-quality workmanship and competitive pricing … with us, it comes as standard!

At Reliable, we pay attention to the details that others ignore and pride ourselves on delivering ‘extras’ that we believe should come as standard. When you get everything you expect and more, you’re not just buying a service, but a long-term relationship.

With our “no problems, only solutions” approach, we ensure your facility management is headache free. And with real guarantees, you can be assured we’ll be on time and get it right, first time, every time. We’re proud of being commercial plumbers you don’t have to worry about.

A passion for innovation and initiative has helped Reliable Plumbing become one of Melbourne’s premier commercial plumbing companies. We take pride in accepting only the highest possible work standards, setting the benchmark for the industry and raising the bar for our competitors.

Safety is not just another box to be ticked. We ensure every workplace meets and maintains the highest levels of safety, avoiding injuries and minimising delays. Fully compliant with the strictest of government regulations, our Health & Safety Policy delivers exceptional results, while keeping our clients firmly on the right side of the law.

Whether you’re undertaking a commercial building project, being proactive with preventative maintenance, looking for commercial plumbing maintenance with a guaranteed 24/7 service – or anything in between – Reliable Plumbing can help. Day or night, our team of friendly, presentable, professional plumbers is there for you.

Customer Service

At Reliable Plumbing, we focus on delivering exceptional customer service – and our customers tell us we’re getting it right. Our family-owned business has a simple mission: to be the best, by continually improving the service we provide our customers. Whether they manage large organisations or run small businesses, we treat customers the way we like to be treated – as individuals.


If there’s one lesson we’ve learned during 40 years as commercial plumbing specialists, it’s that there’s no single ‘right’ answer to most commercial plumbing problems – only the one that’s right for you. What makes Reliable Plumbing different is our single-minded focus on leaving every customer with their own right answer. It’s not simply a matter of knowing about plumbing – it’s equally important to know our customers and their businesses.


Living up to our responsibilities – using sustainable, energy-efficient technologies that preserve Australia’s natural resources. If you want to work with a commercial plumbing services company that’s serious about preserving Australia’s precious resources, talk to us. Our actions speak for us, and you only have to talk to some of our customers in the Melbourne CBD to find out why.

“Connecting quality with innovation.”