Austin Hospital, Heidelberg

Connecting RO plant to Chilled Water, Cold Water and RO Loops for the Austin Hospital

Harold Stokes Building, LVL 10 Plantroom, 145 Studley Rd, Heidelberg VIC 3084
Customised Solution
Reduced Maintenance
Improved Reliability

Key project details

  • Project Value: $90,000
  • Project Duration: September 2020 - January 2021 (3 months)


The Austin Hospital required a larger sterilisation system to provide a more reliable supply of clean, sterilised water to keep up with the increase in usage. The brief included designing, sizing and connecting a system completely customised to the hospital’s needs, which would decrease
the downtime they have been experiencing with the existing system, and reduce the amount of unexpected maintenance and/or failures.



The Reliable Plumbing Services team worked collaboratively with the hospital and design consultants to size and build the plant equipment, whilst considering the existing hydraulic and mechanical building services.

We fabricated the pipework with stainless steel which has a range of advantages including increased durability, versatility, reduced maintenance and aesthetics. Stainless Steel also allows for hotter water temperatures so it was the perfect solution for this project involving sterilisation.

We arranged the necessary permits such as isolating water and hot works permits prior to installation. The hospital was still operational throughout this project, and essential services couldn’t be interrupted, so we planned our installation carefully with other stakeholders.

We assisted the other contractors by assembling the pipe work and valves around the remaining existing assets. Once the solution had been installed, we connected the RO plant to chilled water, cold water and RO loops. The new system has a high degree of redundancy built into the installation, meaning reduced failures and maintenance for the client.